I just need you to be able to tell people I was here, I felt, I lived and I loved as much as I could, while I could. And that I continued living until a more powerful force stopped me.
22. August 2014

I have been quiet about this whole Ice Bucket Challenge. It angers me to hear that by throwing a bucket, cooler or pan of ice water, that in some way we are spreading awareness for the research for the cure of such a serious disease. To think that the majority of people think that they are actually really helping. If I tell someone that it’s just a social media frenzy, then I’m heartless or don’t see the bigger picture. What’s even worse is when I hear “Well it’s more fun, and easier to get people involved this way, would you rather it be just asking for money?” Yea actually, I do! I rather spread awareness by being to the point, teaching what ALS actually stands for. I rather not reduce human kind to being incapable of grasping an intellectual concept. Donating is what’s going to make the difference!!

People are doing the challenge because it’s funny, or because celebrities are doing it (and not donating). I rather people pay attention to other serious issues going on RIGHT NOW. Civil rights are being violated, human beings are being gunned down! There are kids in Africa without any fresh water to drink, and people all over the world (mostly in the U.S) are dumping gallons of drinkable water over their heads. For what to raise awareness? Do half of these people even bother to go on the website? Have they actually LEARNED anything? No, they haven’t. But they sure as hell check how many likes and views they get on their #ICEBUCKETCHALLENGE videos.

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